Teeth in One Day at 4M Dental

How Teeth In One Day Works

Same-day teeth implants are a popular and effective solution for those looking for a permanent and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth.

Patients who have experienced accidents, injury, tooth decay, tooth loss, infection, bruxism, or other dental diseases opt for dental implants because they help maintain the integrity of the jaw bone and surrounding teeth.

With the 4M Teeth in One Day solution, you’re never without teeth. On the day of your dental procedure, you’ll arrive at our dental office feeling nice and relaxed from the doctor-prescribed Halcion you’re recommended to take an hour before.

We take you to the back and, the next thing you know, it’s time to wake up and go home with a brand-new smile!

You CAN have a radiant new smile in just ONE DAY!
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What Is Teeth in One Day?

Teeth in One Day is a dental implant procedure completed within a day, so you’re never uncomfortable or without your smile. As with 4M Dental’s similar All-on-X procedure, this procedure includes two sets of teeth: your healing (temporary) set and your permanent set.

At your pre-op appointments, we conduct evaluations and take CT scans, X-rays, and impressions to review every single tooth. You’ll also discuss your medical history and smile goals with your doctor. With this information, our laboratory creates your healing set of teeth. 

Once your full-mouth implants are created, you will come into our dental office, get fitted, and be sent home with your healing set of dental implants in just one day!

You’ll have to wear your temporary teeth while osseointegration takes place. Osseointegration is the fusing of the metal implant to the bone. This occurs as your body heals from surgery and the bone cells attach themselves directly to the titanium surface, locking the implant screw into your jaw bone.

Keep in mind that while the implant placement procedure is done within a day, the actual healing process for your teeth and bone still takes several weeks. This helps ensure your dental restoration and prosthesis is a success.

Why the Need for Healing Teeth?

The overall goal of placing the healing teeth, or healing caps, is to protect the titanium implants underneath. Nothing is more important than a strong integration of bone and implant (osseointegration). As experts in the implant industry, we create every patient’s temporary teeth with this in mind.

While the temporary set of teeth from our Teeth in One Day procedure are not made to be permanent, they are nearly indistinguishable from the permanent set in appearance. But they do differ from final implants in very intentional and important ways.

Your same-day dental implants will be durable but nowhere near as strong as your finals. The healing teeth are intended to keep you aesthetically comfortable and provide some function while the implants integrate with your jawbone.

Throughout the healing period, you will need to maintain a soft food diet to reduce the risk of breaking your teeth. When you’re chewing something too hard or crunchy, your temporary teeth could break. It’s designed to break, acting as a safety feature to protect the new implants. It’s a lot like how a car hood crunches up easily in a fender bender to protect passengers inside. But breaking your healing set does defeat the purpose of testing out temporary teeth before your finals.

To ensure the healing process goes smoothly, patients need to follow all post-operative instructions for optimal health when it comes to same-day implants. This includes everything from eating a soft food diet to maintaining proper oral hygiene and using dental floss. The healing process after implant placement sets the foundation for long-lasting and functional restoration of your smile.

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Test Drive Your Smile With New Teeth in a Day

A tremendous benefit of the healing set of teeth you receive with Teeth in One Day is that you get ample time to test drive your dental implants.

You’ll live with your new smile and bite for a few months, which gives you ample time to decide if you’re happy with the color, shape, and length of each tooth, or if you’re happy with your bite.

Then, feel free to communicate anything you would like changed with our dental technicians. So, when you receive your final teeth, they’re completely personalized to your preferences and needs.

Working With 4M Dental Implant Center for Same-Day Implants

At 4M Dental Implant Center, we’ve created a full-mouth dental solution using advanced technology and expert techniques for dental implant therapy and prosthesis options. We offer general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services for your best dental and oral health.

We understand that replacement teeth come at a cost. It’s a big investment, and we’re here to help you make the right decision to improve your quality of life.

More importantly, the dental prosthesis professionals at 4M have over 50 years of combined experience. So, if you want complete confidence that you’re working with experts who have your best interest, then look no further. Reach out to our health professionals for a free consultation and learn more about our Teeth in One Day implant dentistry services today.