Teeth in One Day at 4M Dental

How Teeth In One Day Works

With the 4M Full-Mouth Dental Implant Solution, you are never without teeth. On the day of your 4M procedure, you arrive with your missing or failing teeth, but nice and relaxed from the doctor-prescribed Halcion you took an hour before arriving.

We take you to the back and, the next thing you know, we’re waking you up letting you know it’s time to go home…with a brand new smile.

You CAN have a radiant new smile in just ONE DAY!
full mouth dental implants at 4M Dental Implant Center
4M Dental patient with our teeth in one day solution
Text graphic displaying the words "full mouth dental implants" in bold, uppercase letters.
Dentist showing a dental x-ray of whole mouth dental implants to a patient on a screen in a modern clinic.

What Is Teeth In One Day?

As with 4M Dental’s similar All-on-X procedure, Included with your full-mouth Teeth in One Day procedure are two sets of teeth: your healing set and your permanent set.

During your pre-op appointments, we will take scans, X-rays, and impressions. In addition, you’ll discuss your smile goals with your doctor. With this information, our lab will create your healing set of teeth. 

After your implants are in, you will be fitted and sent home with your healing set of teeth. These are what you’ll wear while your body heals from surgery and osseointegration takes place. Osseointegration is the fusing of the implant to the bone.

Why The Need For Healing Teeth?

The goal during your healing period is to protect the implants. Nothing is more important than a strong integration of bone and implant, or osseointegration. We make the healing teeth with this in mind.

Healing teeth are nearly indistinguishable from your permanent set, but they do differ from your finals in very intentional and very important ways.

Your healing set of teeth are not made to be permanent. They are durable, but nowhere near as strong as your finals. They are intended to keep you aesthetically comfortable and provide some function while the implants integrate with your jawbone. 

During your healing period, you will maintain a soft food diet. If you’re eating something during this time and your healing teeth break, you were eating something too hard, chewy, or crunchy that could have hurt your implants. The breaking is a safety feature to protect the new implants, like a car hood crunches up easily in a fender bender to protect the passengers inside.

A dentist in surgical attire and magnifying headlamp concentrates on performing whole mouth dental implants on a patient in a dental clinic.
Three female dental professionals specializing in whole mouth dental implants, smiling in an office setting.

Test Drive Your Smile With Teeth In A Day

A tremendous benefit of the healing set of teeth you receive with Teeth in One Day is you get time to test drive them.

You’ll live with your new smile and bite for a few months, ample time to decide if you’re happy with the color, the shape, length, or bite. Communicate to us anything you would like changed, so that when you receive your final teeth, they are perfect.