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What Do Our Patients Think?

With thousands of implants placed, the doctors at 4M Dental Implant Center have successfully taken on some of the most complex cases. Dr. Sean is a leader and educator in the field of dental implants – at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry – and passes his knowledge on to his associates.

Through the 4M Institute (located in our Long Beach facility), Dr. Sean teaches the art and science of the All-on-X solution to dentists from around the world. His years of experience and wealth of knowledge enable us to educate our patients on their best options and what to expect.

4M Patients Have a Lot to Say!
Dental implant center where professionals provide full mouth dental implants
A joyful elderly woman laughs while conversing with a young man and a woman at an outdoor table, in a sunny park setting.
Neon blue text on a black background spelling "full mouth dental implants" in a bold, cursive-like font.

I felt different immediately when I woke up, that this was the new me. My confidence went from about a 10 to 100%. It's something I will be forever grateful for.

Before and after comparison of a woman's cosmetic makeover, featuring enhanced makeup, styled hair, and improved skin tone.

When I woke up I jumped up and ran to the mirror. And when I ran to the mirror, I just started smiling and I couldn't stop smiling because it was like a miracle.

Side-by-side portraits of a woman with short black hair, smiling in both images; the left in a softer focus and lighter background, the right sharper with a mountain backdrop.

My teeth now actually highlight my smile vs before it was just, you have a nice smile, you're welcoming, but your teeth are showing a different side.

A collage of three images: top row showing close-ups of upper and lower teeth, bottom row featuring a smiling woman with a nose ring.
Collage of three dental images: close-up of a smile showing white teeth, underside view of upper teeth, and a smiling woman with long hair.

On a 1 to 10, I am like a 200. I am like the happiest person. I can't even explain how I feel, how I eat, how I smile. I just feel so good about myself.

Side-by-side comparison of a woman before and after dental restoration, showing improved smile and teeth appearance.
Before and after photos of a middle-aged man, showing a significant improvement in skin condition and overall appearance.

I feel like I've been given another opportunity to just really live and be happy and confident and tell the world - you don't have to settle for less.

Two framed portraits of the same woman, one where she is smiling and the other not, both against a white background.

You kinda stand there smiling, staring at yourself in the mirror going, 'What happened? They look great!

Split image of an elderly man: on the left, he smiles showing poor dental health; on the right, after dental treatment, smiling with improved teeth.

He [the doctor] told me that I was going to go through some sedation. Next thing I know he says, 'Goodnight'. Then I woke up, I don't know what time, 'You're done!', and that was about it.

Two side-by-side photos of the same man, showing a frontal view on the left and a profile view on the right, both smiling in outdoor settings.

You just want to smile all the time because it feels so good. And I can eat everything! I would say it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. It's life changing.

Elderly woman smiling with glasses next to a close-up image of a set of teeth showing dental work.

Looks great, feels great. The structure of my mouth is better, my gums are better. The health of my mouth is awesome now.

Before and after portraits of a man smiling, showing transformation from minimal hair and no beard to a full beard and head hair, wearing glasses in both images.

Cosmetic Before and After

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