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They’re not just
new teeth….
             it’s a new LIFE. 

They’re not just
new teeth….

it’s a new LIFE. 

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we specialize in
dental implants


Looking for a permanent way to replace your teeth?

All-on-4® can do just that. With only four implants, we will replace an entire arch of teeth.

You can have a natural looking smile with no more cavities or root canals, no more pain, no more embarrassment.

Teeth in One Day

You can have a beautiful new smile in just one day.

The quintessential combination of expertise and experience of Dr. Sean and Dr. Ben, state-of-the-art equipment, and superior materials mean you walk in with your old teeth, and leave the same day with a radiant new smile.

Smiling patient before and after all on 4
before and after all-on-4
4M Dental Implant All-on-4 Patient before and after
before and after all-on-4
before and cosmetic dentistry
Smiling before and after all on 4 patient


4M Dental Implant Center is the top, FULL-SERVICE DENTAL OFFICE
in Southern California.

Smiling Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

Veneers Patient

Before veneers procedure

Before Veneers

 isn’t all we do.

4M Dental Implant Center is the top,
in Southern California.

Smiling Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

Veneers Patient

Before veneers procedure

Before Veneers

why should you choose
4M dental implant center?

Because it matters who your doctor is

When considering dental implants, choosing a DOCTOR WITH EXPERIENCE is paramount. 4M Dental Implant Center’s DR. SEAN AND DR. BEN are authorities on the All-on-4® Dental Implant Treatment Solution, teaching other dentists this life-changing procedure at the 4M Institute in Long Beach, California.

Dr. Sean and Dr. Javid 4M Dental Implant Center

Top dental implant dentists, Dr. Sean and Dr. Ben

ZIRPEEK prosthetic

Superior Quality

Dr. Sean and Dr. Ben’s reputations for innovation and excellence in the field of implant dentistry speak for themselves.

All-on-4 is recognized as a premier dental implant solution for discerning patients. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure precision planning and placement, we use the finest dental materials available, and we pass along our high standards to you.

Experienced 4M Dental Implant Center Doctors


With thousands of implants placed, Dr. Sean and Dr. Ben have successfully taken on some of the most complex cases and now teach other dentists at 4M Institute.

As leaders and educators in the field of implant dentistry, 4M Dental Implant Center stays at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry, educating patients along the way.

4M Dental Center Patient


We provide an exceptional dental implant solution at an affordable price, with flexible payment plans and financing options.

But we’re not just dental implants. We do it all – cosmetic and general dentistry, too – and have a multitude of options to get you were you want to be.

We want you to leave with a smile you’re proud of.

Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Dr Sean 4M Dental Implant Center


Dr. Sean is not only a perfectionist, but truly an artist, with the background and training to place implants and restore them as well. Coupled with his cosmetic background, this equals an aesthetically pleasing and functional outcome for you.

Dr. Ben Javid 4M Dental Implant Center


Dr. Ben is an accomplished prosthodontist who has completed over 2500 full-arch restorations to date. As lead educator at 4M Institute, Dr. Ben is one of the few prosthodontists in California specializing in the All-on-4® dental implant treatment.

Dr Athena Goodarzi 4M Dental Implant Center


Dr. Athena is committed to providing safe, high quality, comfortable dental care. She takes pride in getting to know her patients and developing personalized care to enhance aesthetic results and correct functional deficiencies.

Dr. Samira 4M Dental Implant Center


Dr. Samira comes from a long line of health care professionals. Her passion for helping others, in addition, to her love of the sciences, shines through in all her work. Educating her patients every step of the way takes top priority in Dr. Samira’s work life.


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4M Dental Implant Center Long Beach Waiting Room

At your consultation we’ll take X-rays and do an exam and then we’ll sit down and discuss all your treatment options clearly and throughly. We are happy to answer all of your questions so you can be confident you’re making an educated, informed decision. 

Getting people like you the smile you want is what we do.