Glenn and Debby - Success Story at 4M Dental

Can a Smile Change Your Life?

After years of suffering with excruciating dental pain and nagging discomfort, and no clear path to relief, Glenn finally met someone else that had the same issues but found a solution that would change Glenn’s life.

Glenn was already more than fed up with his dental situation when he asked a neighbor how it was that he had such great teeth. He wasn’t surprised when the neighbor told him that he had received a smile makeover including dental implants. However, he was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was a local dentist that did the work because he really needed to see someone that could help him.

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"I felt like there was no help for me...

Glenn was going through a bit of a tough spell in his life because of his teeth. At this point he only had five of his original teeth left; the rest were either a partial or a bridge. He had had enough of the patchwork, the discomfort, the pain, and most of all the embarrassment. He reluctantly told the story of when his partial fell out in front of friends.

“I became depressed,” says Glenn. “I felt like there was no help for me because I knew a couple of people who had full mouth makeovers that didn’t go so well, and I didn’t want that for me.

“I felt like it was a bit of a crapshoot as to whether the expensive and extensive dental work would be successful. The last thing I wanted was to go through all of that and either not be happy with the result or continue to suffer with new dental problems.”

"I excused myself to make a call..."

“My neighbor’s smile looked incredible, and he said it was not an unpleasant experience at all with his dentist. He even said it was done in only a couple of visits! His dentist was Dr. Sean Mohtashami of the 4M Dental Implant Center, and he said he believed the doctor does free consultations. I excused myself to make a call.

“I made a free consultation appointment for both my wife and I because she also had had a lot of dental work in her life and just wanted it done. She too was tired of the patchwork and frequent dental visits. She wasn’t in so much pain but wanted ‘not to have to go to the dentist anymore for another procedure and then another’. We hoped that they could get everything fixed in a way that we didn’t have to keep going back over and over again.”

Side-by-side comparison of a woman before and after dental restoration, showing improved smile and teeth appearance.
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"Everyone's smile and expression said it all..."

“Meeting doctor Sean and his team during our initial consultation convinced us that this was where we need to be. The doctor is a first-class gentleman, and his team is made up of wonderful people. They took a few x-rays and the doctor examined each of us.

“They worked up a treatment plan and showed us before and after photos of other clients they had treated with similar issues to ours. Everyone’s smile and expression said it all… they were incredibly happy with the results.

“We were both candidates for full mouth reconstruction including full-arch dental implants; upper and lower. Gone are the days of cavities and root canals!”

"Thank you Dr. Sean!"

“My wife, Debbie, went first. Her smile turned out fantastic, and she said the procedure was easy. Every morning for the next week we admired her new smile. It looked and felt like it was too good to be true. I kept waiting for something to be wrong. But that didn’t happen and I couldn’t wait for my turn!

“We both opted for IV sedation, and we basically slept through the entire procedure. It was great. We went to sleep and woke up with beautiful new smiles. Four years later…we feel the same! We have had no problems and our smiles look terrific. We each receive compliments on a regular basis. This has changed our lives and we smile all the time. Thank you Dr. Sean and 4M Dental Implant Center!”