4M Dental Implant Team | Melissa Rodriguez

Can a Smile Change Your Life?

When it comes to 4m Dental Implant Center team members, there is no one more loyal or dedicated than Melissa Rodriguez. This young lady has been working for Dr. Sean in the Las Vegas location for more than eleven years. She has worked in multiple positions including a front desk person, dental assistant, treatment coordinator, and now as Office Manager. If anyone knows what the doctor wants when it comes to running the practice, it’s Melissa. She understands that he is a perfectionist and that includes how to treat their patients. She has been at the front desk and behind-the-scenes taking care of their many satisfied clients for years. 

Melissa has built an amazing team at 4M Dental Implant Center’s Las Vegas location, consisting of dedicated professionals who have been working with Dr. Sean for years as well, and a few newbies. Her goal is to create a team that feels like family and works together. “We help each other out all the time,” says Melissa. “We know that what really matters is the health and comfort of the patient at every interaction. As the manager, I often fill in at any position in the practice, much like the manager of a restaurant. And my team will do the same; whatever it takes. Going to the dentist can be very scary. We work hard as a team to make our customers comfortable and not afraid. Once they realize that we’re there to help them and we will not do anything until they’re comfortable, they relax. It’s not always easy. Some people have a very strong fear of going to the dentist. Most of our clients get past the fear and enjoy coming in for their routine dental appointments. After all, they’re coming to visit friends!”

Love Your Smile Again at 4M!
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"I love patient transformations."

Melissa has worked side-by-side with Dr. Sean as well as Doctor Polena. “I have learned a lot from Dr. Sean, he has taught me so much about dentistry and even more about life,” she says. “He considers himself a lifelong student and strives to learn every day. He encourages everyone that works for him to do the same. He will challenge you to grow.

“Working with Dr Polena is also a privilege. He is very thorough and great with his patients. He takes a more conservative approach but is also a perfectionist. If his work doesn’t look exactly right to him, he will make it right… every time.”

When asked about her favorite part of the job, Melissa was quick to answer. “I love the patient transformations. Much of our work is life-changing and watching patients go through this change is incredible. It doesn’t just change their smile or their face. It changes their outlook on life. It changes their attitude and the way they carry themselves. They are so grateful, and I love to see them come back for their routine dental visits after their transformation. They seem so much happier. It makes me happy. Many of our patients tell us it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves.”

4M Dental is about Opportunities

On the personal side, Melissa has many interests. “I like spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy trying new restaurants and new foods. I read a lot. I like reading on my Kindle. I enjoy music, concerts, and cooking. Lately the team and I have been on a health kick, so I’m learning how to cook healthier as well.”

Lastly, when asked what she is looking forward to at 4M Dental Implant Centers, she responded with opportunities; not just for her, but for patients. “One thing the doctor understands is that he can help a lot of people with his knowledge and talent,” says Melissa, “but if he teaches others how to do the same, he will have helped many more people overcome their poor health, pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. I love this aspect of our practices. I hope to help open more 4M practices and therefore help as many people as I possibly can. The doctor has given us all a terrific purpose and opportunity. I look forward to continuing my growth with 4M.”

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