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Dental Implants FAQ

A dental implant is a way to replace one or all of your teeth. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth!

3 main parts make up a dental implant: the titanium screw, an abutment and the crown. The screw is placed into your jaw bone, the abutment is attached to the screw, and the crown is the tooth that is secured to the abutment.

The titanium screw is implanted into your jaw bone, effectively becoming your new tooth root. Having a ‘root’ in your bone keeps your bone healthy and strong. Titanium is a biocompatible metal which means it works with your body. The screw and your bone integrate becoming a sturdy foundation for your implants.

Watch Dr. Sean explain all about the 4M Dental Implant screw.

4M Dental Implants are a high end dental implant procedure.  4M’s can use as few as four implants to support an entire arch of teeth. Whether the upper, lower or a full mouth, 4M Dental Implants give you back the freedom to smile and the quality of life you want to live.

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease, tooth decay, or any other reason may be a candidate for dental implants. Having the bone to support implants is a key factor. If your jaw bone has become worn and thin over the years, a bone graft may be necessary to set you up for implants.

Preexisting conditions such as diabetes and long term smoking can make the procedure a bit more complex. These factors cause bone to weaken, or can complicate the healing process. Even so, we have had many successes with patients who have been both.

4M Dental Implant Center offers FREE, NO OBLIGATION dental implant consultations. Contact us to set yours up (949)-646-2420.

  • 4M Dental Implants are the most natural looking and functioning tooth replacement option.
  • 4M Dental Implants are secured permanently in your mouth so they won’t come loose or slip.
  • Caring for them is as easy as brushing and flossing just like you would with your own teeth. No need to take them in and out. No soaking overnight.
  • Retain your facial structure with dental implants. Only an implant, because it’s implanted into your jaw bone can keep bone healthy and strong. Dentures and dental bridges are all outside the jaw, so bone quickly begins to deteriorate. This causes a sunken look and a weakened jawline.
  • Dental implants are strong, which allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods.
  • Preserve healthy, natural teeth. Dental bridges will often require the filing down of abutting teeth. This removes enamel leaving your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity and decay.
  • No embarrassment. There are no tell tale signs you’ve got implants. No metal clips, or gaps between your teeth, or bulky denture.

Replacing painful, diseased or missing teeth will change your life.

You use them every single day for eating, smiling, laughing, and communicating. They make a difference when dealing with customers, clients and coworkers, friends and family.

Your smile will be immortalized in wedding photos, family photos and selfies. Dental implants are a quality, necessary investment that can last you a lifetime.

Without coming into the office for an exam it’s impossible for us to say what an implant procedure would cost you. Everyone’s oral health and situation is unique.

In addition to the placing of the implants we need to know if are you having teeth extracted and how many? A bone graft? A sinus lift? One, two, or more implants? There are many factors that come into play when planning your dental implant treatment and they all will affect the cost.

Take advantage of our FREE, NO OBLIGATION 4M Dental Implant consultations. The consult won’t cost you a dime and at the end of it you will know exactly what your implant treatment is going to cost. Call or click (949) 646-2420.

4M Dental Implants are a high end dental procedure that yields high end results. Don’t be scared away before coming in and getting the answer to your question, how much will my dental implants cost.

We work with a number of lenders and financing is available. You can be sure we will do everything we can to help you get your smile.

Changing your teeth will change your life.

You don’t realize just how much a painful or unattractive mouth weighs on you constantly. To have that concern and that worry gone for forever frees up your mind, your time, and your body.

A diseased mouth can cause harm to the rest of your body – gum disease is linked to heart disease and stroke.

Not to mention the difficulty in chewing with painful teeth. Chewing your food properly aids in good digestion, which is necessary for your body in order to break down foods you eat and extract nutrients. Often patients with missing teeth or pain when they chew avoid many kinds of nutritious foods all together. Dental implants allow you to eat anything and chew everything.

The first thing people see when meeting you is your smile, it’s your first impression, it declares confidence. Your body language affects the way you feel about yourself and the way others perceive you. Hiding your teeth is a sure way not to put the best you forward.

Smile, sing, laugh, eat, feel a boost to your self confidence! Dental implants give you back the life you want.

Come out from behind your hand, nothing looks, feels, or functions like natural teeth than 4M Dental Implants.

That’s the whole point! Nothing looks more like your natural teeth like dental implants.

Click here to see Dr. Sean’s 4M Dental Implant Smile Gallery.

There are many variables that affect the duration of a dental implant procedure. Are you having a single implant placed or a full mouth reconstruction done? Are you having teeth extracted? A bone graft? Sinus lift? Will you be sedated? But in general, placing a single implant will take approximately an hour to 90 minutes, whereas, for a full 4M procedure you can expect to be here the whole day.

The good news is that most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated. But as with any surgery, some soreness can be expected.

You can expect a single implant to cause less discomfort than placing several might. We offer our patients anesthesia and sedation options to help reduce any discomfort during the procedure or any anxiety going into it. Medications to ease discomfort the days following will be prescribed by your doctor.

Dental implants are fairly simple to clean and maintain – you just have to be sure to do it!

Brush and floss your teeth like you normally would and use a Hydro Floss for additional cleaning after you eat to get the harder to reach areas. Keep your regularly scheduled cleanings at 4M Dental Implant Center. During these appointments, we’ll remove your prosthetic (the teeth) for a deep, thorough cleaning.

By maintaining your cleanings with us, we will honor a lifetime warranty on your implants!

Your gums and bone need time to heal after implant surgery, so you’ll be on a liquid diet for the first two weeks. Nothing with pieces, even if they’re soft, and nothing chewy. You want to completely avoid putting any pressure or movement on your newly placed implants.

Once past the two week point and you’ve been given the okay, you’ll move on to a soft foods diet for the remainder of your healing.

What Can I Eat After Surgery is our comprehensive page with a long list of soft food suggestions and a few recipe ideas to get you through your healing.