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Replacing your teeth is a big deal, it can be confusing and scary, and it’s important you research all your options.

As you read about dental implants you’ve probably come across words that maybe you’re not familiar with. Below are a list of dental definitions for words commonly used when discussing this procedure.

Glossary of Dental Definitions

4M DENTAL IMPLANTS/4M – The leading dental implant procedure. With as few as four implants, an entire arch of teeth can be secured. Strategically angled implants allow for patients with very little bone to be candidates for dental implants. Nothing else looks, feels, and functions more like natural teeth than 4M Dental Implants.

ABUTMENT – A connector placed on the top of the dental implant that connects the implant to the crown.

ARCH – The crescent of teeth, there are two arches, an upper and a lower.

BONE GRAFT – Natural or synthetic bone is surgically placed onto bone that needs to be built up with extra strength or density.

CROWN (see also IMPLANT CROWN) – A tooth shaped ’cap’ that entirely covers a tooth that has been filed down due to decay, but your natural tooth is still underneath.

DENTAL BRIDGE – A bridge bridges a gap left by missing teeth by connecting to abutting teeth – real teeth or implants – on either side of the gap.

DENTAL IMPLANT – A cylindrical/tapered post or screw usually made of titanium, surgically implanted into your jawbone to support a tooth or other dental prosthesis.

DENTAL IMPRESSION – An imprint of your teeth, gums and mouth – an important tool to aid in many dental procedures.

DENTURES – Removable ’false teeth’, traditional dentures sit on your gums and are held in place by natural suction created by the shape of the mouth or with the help of adhesives.

DRY SOCKET – A potentially very painful condition when a blood clot comes loose or is removed from the hole in the bone left by an extraction, also known as alveolar osteitis.

EXTRACTION – A pulled tooth.

FINALS – Your final, permanent teeth. These are the teeth you receive after the bone has healed, all swelling is gone, and the implants have fully integrated with your jaw. Finals are the exact color and shape you want, the bite is perfect, and this pair has the titanium bar milled inside.


IMPLANT CROWN (see also DENTAL CROWN) – The ‘tooth’ on top of an implant.

IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURE – A denture that is supported by dental implants not your gums, these are usually snapped onto the implants for a secure fit.

MANDIBULAR ARCH – The upper arch.

MAXILLARY ARCH – The lower arch.

OSSEOINTEGRATION  The process by which implant fuses with the jaw bone.

PERIODONTAL – Having to do with the gums, tissues, and structures surrounding the teeth.

PROSTHESIS – Also known as the prosthetic.

PROSTHETIC  – The ‘gums and teeth’, also called a prosthesis or denture.

SEDATION – Receiving a sedative drug to help you feel calm or sleep.


TEMPORARIES – A temporary set of teeth you receive between your implant placement and your final teeth, also called healing dentures.

4M Dental Implant patient

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4M Dental Implant patient

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